Latest events have brought out a heartfelt and overbearing need, new for small and medium businesses: to create a virtual space in which they can sell their’s product range, giving the customer, unable to physically reach the store or the company, the opportunity to learn more about the products and then buying them.

If you have a shop or a business, and you need to keep up with the times, it’s time to step on the GASS your business! GASS is a group of professionals in communication (Gaia, Andrea, Samuele and Silvia), which in just few, simple steps, will be able to open and manage your digital shop window!


La Palagina

A selection of wines made in Italy

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A FREE shop window at your disposal!

Your products, your discounts, your deals: the digital shop window that GASS will realize for you is a great tool for reaching your customers and is totally FREE!

Our experience to serve your business!

GASS is a mixed group of professionals in communication: specialists
in digital content, marketing, photography and web design. They will use
their many years of experience to serve your sales!!